So about So Sense

So Sense is a kid’s outfit brand, based in Germany. Masha Diundik, the founder of So Sense, was born in Russia. So, our clothes combine excellent German quality and cozy Russian soul.

We find inspiration in excellent fabrics, in rich but thoroughly matched colors, in nonstandard models and for sure in irresistibly attractive quality. Naturalness and comfort, laced with some irony and excellent taste – that’s what we appreciate most in our garments.

We believe that it is not necessary to have an excessive number of garments in your kid‘s wardrobe but instead of it - reasonable number of clothing items that can be easily and tastefully combined to advantage. If you share this idea - probably, you are our potential customer.

Working on every new collection we always have in mind that your kid will be able to choose daily outfit by himself, and you may be sure, that all together will look perfect. To say nothing of the kid – even daddy will cope with that:)

We believe that after making your first order and trying So Sense in daily life, you find your favorite brand for many years ahead. You will always know where to find dress for the next travel with your kid or blouse just for a walk in the park.

Many thanks for your trust!